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Regenerative Health Retreat

29th April, 30th April and 1st May 2021

Restore the connection between your mind/body/spirit and learn how nature reveals a clear path to perfect health . Our four-day regenerative health retreat at Bobbejaanskloof integrates psychology, biology, and ecology to inform transformation on all levels – using nature as a reference and guide to The Self.

The retreat includes daily practises to connect with ourselves, and with nature, in a profound and meaningful way. We will do daily yoga and meditation as well as receiving a forest bathing ceremony and massage or kinesiology. These holistic practises work together with the philosophical teachings to create a deep, sustained understanding of our fundamental connection to nature and how we may use that connection to guide the way we walk through our lives

View Regenerative Health Retreat Brochure here.

Bobbejaanskloof Farmhouse

From the moment you arrive, there is a feeling of coming home.

Designed in the local vernacular style and built to give the impression that it’s always been there, the farmhouse has those
deep stoeps that face onto unimaginably distant views. The walls are washed a bone colour, shuttered sash windows are a
contrasting mahogany, and the roofs are tin.
We will come together family-style for three nourishing, home cooked meals per day

An outdoor-lover’s haven…

With jeep track paths for mountain-biking, hiking routes for those who want to head down into the kloof, and a running path of 12 km. There is a swimming pool, dedicated yoga space, infrared sauna and small gym. The farm has it’s own soccer or touch-rugby field too. If you are feeling contemplative, there are botanical gardens to savour, a nursery abundant with succulents, and endless viewpoints on which to linger.

Meet Your Hosts

Claire Janisch

Biomimicry SA

Claire is the founding Director of Biomimicry SA and health practitioner with 20 years of experience. She coaches clients on how to connect in a deeper way with nature, and to use principles found in nature to heal the mind and emotions.

Vincent Truter

Forest Bathing Africa

Vincent will guide a Japanese Forest Bathing and tea ceremony. He will also provide Shiatsu massage as part of the optional treatments. Vincent is a creative director and curator who designs healing environments with a focus on nature informed design thinking and principles.Vincent trained in energetic healing and shiatsu with the legendary shiatsu master Kimura sensei in Hachioiji Japan. He founded Forest Bathing Africa in 2020, an organisation focused on certifying healing forests.

Megan De Beyer

Yoga & Meditation, Retreat Host

Drawing on an MA (Psychology), MSc (Holistic Ecology) and 20 years’ field experience, Megan aims to promote new ways of seeing old problems. “Authentic living embraces the inner personal journey & the external world which includes the natural world. Finding the balance is important for self awareness and self growth”. As an Eco-psychologist, Megan facilitates this maturing, through nature immersion and meditative practices.

View Regenerative Health Retreat Brochure here.


How to book your Retreat

R14 875 (single)    /    R10 375 (sharing)


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